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Summer into fall – travel, joy and lessons

When summer turns into fall I often start thinking about what I’ll do for my birthday ritual. For the last 5 or so years on (or around) November 6, I create a ritual that lays out goals, dreams and aspirations for the next year.

The last BIG (gulp) BIRTHDAY I hit was 30.  This morning I turned back in my journals to that year and reviewed my goals for that year.  To my amazement, almost all of them I had fulfilled.  However, there was one goal that still deserves my attention: slowing down.  Synchronicity has reared its guiding head and that theme has been coming up a lot in the past few weeks.

The biggest struggle for me has been that I feel like I am having these amazing, wonderful experiences…but, the next gig, seminar, or class comes so soon that I haven’t had the time to proccess the event, or more importantly express my gratitude that it happens.

So, as a step to resolve that…today I want to share a couple of amazing events/happenings from my summer and I am grateful for….so, what did you do this summer??

Texas! Teaching with Ava Fleming

June – Austin Bellydance Convention – Austin, TX

In June I was lucky enough to travel deep into the heart of Texas for an amazing (and amazingly organized) bellydance convention hosted by Stacey Lizette.

What I was grateful for:

Reconnection – One of my favorite things about my bellydance community is the beauty of having friends all over the country!  I had originally met Stacey, and the rest of her troupe, Sabaya, at a weeklong with the amazing Aziza two years ago.  The entire weekend was full of reconnection with amazing, powerful women (an oft and apt description for most bellydancers I know.)  My favorite part of the weekend was the first night I was there.  I spent the evening practicing, hanging out and talking with Yasmin – a kindred spirit in dance and life.

July – My New Home

In July, I didn’t travel much but I made a BIG change… I moved out of my home for the last several years (the back of my dance studio), and moved into a beautiful home with my boyfriend, Ian, and our housemate Jeremy.  My gratitude here is for stability. I have so much change in my life, so often, having a beautiful home which offers a respite from my often chaotic life is amazing.  And, being able to make the next step (so to speak) with Ian has been wonderful.  Living with him has offered me a lot of laughter, comfort, love and a lot more time to put down what I am doing and ride my bike.  I am so thankful for this.

August – Bellypalooza, Baltimore MD

Being silly at Bellypalooza!

Every summer for the past 4 years, I have taught and performed at this fantastic bellydance festival in Baltimore, put on my teacher, Piper, and her bellydancing family, the Daughters of Rhea. This year was really extra fun as my friends from Portland, Claudia and Sedona of Bellydance Soulfire were there to teach as well.  Every year I am there I am reminded that I am grateful for lineage and history.  Piper’s mom, Rhea, is a legend of bellydance and one of the original members of Jamila Salimpour’s Bala Anat.  To be at an event where she is, and to feel and recognize the movements, theory and dance that was passed to directly from her to Piper to me is extraordinary.  Then, to be able to teach there…to pass along knowledge to new students – what a gift.

August – Mira Betz Intensive, Raleigh NC

I am always grateful to be a student. After a gig canceled and a spot opened up in this workshop, I made a last minute decision to drive to Raleigh and spend the weekend learning from the venerable Mira Betz.  There is a saying that “the medicine finds the sickness”…and this weekend was the medicine for what I had been feeling I needed in my dance life.  Mira is an amazing  teacher, dancer and person …. and I am grateful for a  weekend to study.  This is a good reminder for me to seek out learning opportunities as often as I can….

Ahhhh! Better already…. this chance to re-live my summer has me sitting here smiling in my seat.  Maybe it’s not about slowing down, I can’t imagine not doing all the things that life is offering to me right now.  It seems to be about taking time though, even a minute, to say thank you….so thank you universe for this summer…here’s to an amazing fall!

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  1. Amy
    September 26, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    I know what you mean about Mira, I wish I could study with her more!

    This is also an excellent exercise. I have things to write about that are almost a year old! It feels like life is so busy I can barely think through one experience before the next one is underway.

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