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Go, go, go!

Wow! Tuesday is March 1st.  Here is Asheville the forecast is for 70 degrees today and I’m seeing forsythia around my neighborhood.

2011 has been quite a whirlwind for me so far, I’ve been to France, choreographed a large show for a charity gala here in Asheville and coordinated two dance parties!  I wrote about lessons learned during my trip to France in my February Newsletter. It was quite an adventure – I returned with new-found respect for the universal connection that dance allows us (and a few bottles of wine!)

Bala! at the Caring for Children Gala. Picture by Ryan Baumgarner

The Charity Gala was a Bollywood themed gala show for Caring for Children.  It was by far the fanciest backdrop and stage I’ve ever had the pleasure of dancing on (and in front of)…I was lucky enough to work with three primary dancers, Lara Lustig, Jen Amann and Christine Garvin as well as the entire Bala! Bhangra Troupe and The River Guerguerian Project.  I SO enjoyed being able to work on large-scale choreography and to work with live musicians – I’m going to try to work on more of that in my future.

You can read a great article about the gala here, written by Megan Riley and there is a slide show of pictures by Ryan Bumgarner.

While all of this was amazing and wonderful, I am struggling, or, err, learning to deal with a busy schedule and still feel healthy productive.  Got any tips for me?

March will bring a beautiful spring and also lots of travel…. this upcoming weekend I am off to Pittsburgh to teach, then to Columbia, SC and Toledo, OH.  I am also doing lots of planning for the upcoming Asheville Bellydance Festival and Bellydance Retreat with Ava Fleming.

What will spring bring you?

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  1. February 28, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    What a rich, full life you have! Don’t forget to find some time for just yourself. Quiet time with a cup of tea and a good book, a movie, or maybe to write in a private journal or art journal. Luxury time for a manicure, pedicure, or massage.

    Need I say chocolate is a necessity?

    I used to travel a lot for my job and sometimes spent weeks on end in hotel rooms and convention centers. Even though the hotel rooms were primarily for sleeping I always took a long a few things from home to make them more personal. And I always, always traveled with my yoga mat and either started or ended my day with at least 20 or 30 minutes of yoga.

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