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All kinds of dancing….

Whew! The last two weeks have brought two out of town trips to teach dance workshops. While I am tired and excited to sleep at home, it is so inspiring to see different bellydance communities developing.

Zafira Studios in Pittsburgh

The first weekend of March took me to Pittsburg, PA – for a day of workshops and a show sponsored by dancers Janim and Katia.  Not only was I excited to see Pittsburgh and to teach, Katia was a long time student of mine here in Asheville and a very good friend, so I got to visit with her and meet the newest member of her family, baby Olympia.  Bellydance allows me to have friends all over the country and world and it allows me time to spend with them, to see their cities and homes – what a gift!

Janim and Katia rented the beautiful Zafira Studios, which was inspiring and made me feel like I was in the movie Flashdance (ummm, what could be better??)…the studio is on the second floor – is spacious and has huge beautiful windows! Janim and Katia brought in a great group of dancers who were open and excited learners.  We spent two hours doing

Katia and baby Olypia

shimmies and then two hours learning a drum solo. (phew)….the dancers were great! After a little rest, Janim and Katia threw a great show at a really cool venue in the back of a restaurant.  With low seats and Middle Eastern decor, the show had great atmosphere.  I was impressed with the quality of dancing at the show – so many great dancers who were all different! I did a recorded music set and then danced with Ishtar, a fun Middle Eastern band based in Pittsburgh.  They were awesome and played along with me (err, I believe I did the moonwalk during my drum solo.)

Sunday was great – I got to sight see in the snow in Pittsburgh (snow-March!). We shopped in some ethnic markets (something I sorely miss from living in a larger city), saw the Carnegie library and walked around in the snow….it was great!

Maria Palacio & Lisa in Columbia SC

The next week brought Columbia SC and really different weather (80 degrees and sunny) which made me excited for spring and summer here in Asheville.

Maria Palacio, a multi-talented bellydancer sponsored me and I got to teach some of my favorite topics – 4 hours of Turkish, 2 hours of Bhangra and 2 hours of Working with Music.  I was sore after the weekend, but was again inspired by the fun and open dancers I found here.  All the dancers were open to the variety and different music and moves that Turkish bellydance brought and jumped (literally) right into Bhangra!

Maria provided a great studio – where they also taught Gyrotonics – it made me feel like we were right in the middle of Soho.  She also organized a really fun hafla which included all kinds of fun and great performances, including a beautiful veil solo by the host – she was so great I forgot to put on my zills for my piece!  Check out the other teachers that Maria is bringing in this year – she has some great plans in the works!


Taking a break from dancing at Burton Street

In between travels I’ve been attempting to rest but also teaching studio classes as well as my LEAF in Schools and Streets Community Classes.  The children I am working with, from 1st-8th grade, are  amazing and great at grounding me and teaching me lessons.  We’re working on some great pieces to perform at this year’s festivals – can’t wait!

The end of March brings a workshop in Ohio, a residency in a local high school and preparing for the Asheville Bellydance Festival – thank goodness for that extra daylight!



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